What do we do?
Cut a clear path in the endless maze of Social Media

Having a social media presence these days is absolutely essential to survive as a business. You wish to start a new channel and you want to do it in a professional way. Or you already have a eg. Facebook page for a while. There is always room for optimization and to create more engaging content, DelightAD can support that.

DelightAD can help you, if...

  • You don’t have time to manage your social media channels;
  • You need someone to develop scroll stopping creatives for your posts;
  • You need a social media strategy;
  • You want to advertise your business on social media or you want to optimize your campaigns;
  • You want to find your social media tone of voice to reach your target audience;
  • You don’t know which channel is best for your business;
  • You wish to target your website visitors and segment them based on their activities;
  • You need creative content ideas.

Still don't you know what exactly we are doing?

If you wish to take care of your business by maximizing the time and effort on the actual operation, but you still want to engage your audience, get better and better comments about your brand, and constantly deliver news about your business? It’s possible, we deal with social presence, you operate your business. Win-Win, right?

Let us give you details about some actual tasks we work on.

Facebook Management

Facebook Management for businesses is not just just creating a Facebook Page and a pie in the sky. It’s a much more complex task than that, and every industry and online presence requires a different type of approach on social media. E.g. an ecommerce website needs automated data driven advertising based on user interactions, or a customer service company can expand support chat to Facebook. Each company's needs are different and require relevant setup and services on their Facebook Account.

Have you ever heard that Social Media Marketing is a two-way street. Social Media helps businesses understand their customers better unlike any other marketing platforms. Direct responses, interactions and comments are all vital for branding, but we must use them with caution. Influencers, activists, and passionists are all important for your business and you have to deal with them carefully, because they can help you gain new customers and spread brand awareness easily, but they are also able to influence opinion about your business in a negative way quickly.

What can Delightad do for you?

  • We can develop your professional Facebook Page.
  • We represent your brand on Social Media.
  • We can develop strategic marketing plans to reach your goal.
  • We can monitor the activities of your competitors.
  • We can create custom audience targeting segmentations.
  • We can increase your followers with engaging content.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

It’s easy to spend money on Facebook for advertising, but efficiency needs professional knowledge on formats, targeting, copyrighting, design and analysis. Do you have it all? Do you want to give in all your efforts to learn all the concepts and requirements to maximize your reach, and ROI? If you wish there was a simpler way, then don’t look further. DelightAD Agency will help you find your target audience with high precision, based on many factors like demographics, interests, locations, etc.

We believe that long term advertising on Facebook requires exact targeting, relevant ads and budget management to increase performance of your Facebook Page and to reach the most valuable audience. This includes ad optimization, competitor analytics, and powerful creatives.

Why do we need all of these?

  • Ad optimization is required to utilize your current budget the most efficient way possible, to reach campaign goals faster.
  • Competitor analytics help us identify their key value propositions and find out what differentiates us from competitors. This difference can be the key to success.
  • Powerful creatives support all the data driven concepts in a visual way to grab the attention and help conversion optimization.

“OK, but I can find other Social Marketing Agencies online. What makes DelightAD different?”

First of all, we are not just a Social Marketing Agency, but we are much more than that. We provide full graphic design support and branding services for businesses. Why is it important? Because our social media knowledge is combined with a strong print design and branding experience, to solve many complex problems and to amplify brand awareness in a systematic and consistent way. Your social media branding has to fit into your entire branding strategy, and you can save time and money if these tasks are outsourced to us and you don’t need to mediate between divisions.

We can help you start from scratch or we can dive into an existing account to increase your ROI and exceed your expectations.

Some of our best social creatives

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