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What are the differences?

Have you heard about organic search results in Google? Have you seen the top 4 advertised results when you search for something in Google? Then you have met both SEO and PPC, but to be clear let’s discuss what these are, why you need them and how you can help one another. PPC or Pay-Per-Click marketing is when you pay a certain rate to appear or be clicked in the Google search results. Search Engine Optimization deals with organic search and to create content, that is important for your audience. While in PPC you pay your rate in campaigns for specific keywords and targeting, in SEO you pay for the informative content that drives organic (free) traffic to your website even if you are not currently running any paid campaigns. "So yes, I like to pay for what I got. I will stick to PPC."

Sure, but here is a little secret. PPC rates are calculated based on various factors by Google, and it’s not a simple “Who wants to pay more” type of game. One factor is how relevant your content is to the specified keywords you wish to advertise for. In other words the better and more relevant your content is to keywords, the more likely you are to the top of paid search as well as organic search. One more hint… the ones with the best content pay less for PPC campaigns.

So to simplify things, you need PPC too, but a strategic SEO development process is winning on the long run.

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Why do you need SEO?
You wish to survive online, right?

Every business online needs SEO to rank higher on search engines, and to stay in front of search results. There are countless factors that influence your search ranking, to mention a few: site speed, responsiveness, content quality, code vs text ratio, image optimization, location, backlinks, etc. The higher your position is in Google, the more likely you are to get more traffic to your site, which you need to turn into conversions.

Each sector online is chasing different conversions, because their business goals and the services/products they supply are different. An Ecommerce website are chasing higher sales, promoting specials, but a local service provider business with a small brand site requires a totally different approach from the SEO point-of-view. Totally different setup, content, competition, visitors/day, functions online, etc.

Unfortunately in many cases SEO is not considered as important as it should be by businesses, but we can’t stress enough that it is something you definitely need to survive the online race between competitors, and since SEO will never go extinct, it’s better to fight with it than against it.

Luckily there is no total domination for any sector in Google ranking, there is no perfect SEO, and the time of keyword dominated websites is behind us. Search Engine algorithms are constantly changing and evolving. There is always a way to find the segment where you can climb upwards in ranking by a well-planned, strategic, step-by-step approach, and gain more traffic to your site. Content is key these days since Google changed its algorithm, so let’s build some quality together.

The more people see you online, the more likely they will click on your site, the more chance you get to make them clients, the higher chance for increasing sales and brand awareness / credibility …

What do we do?

Solo analysis and reporting

The foundation of a strategic SEO plan is a wide range research on your current online status. This research includes many factors like onsite analysis, technical analysis, visitors and backlinks check, etc.

Targeted Analytics

This in-depth analytics are specialized for finding bottlenecks and solutions for a targeted problem / goal. E.g. How does a specific page work for your goal? How users interact with your content? How could you optimize content on a page for better results? How valuable are the different segments of your visitors? etc.

Adwords management

Paid advertising optimization is a vital part of your online marketing, since click rates are skyrocketing these days. If you have an unlimited budget to beat your competitors, then you don’t need that kind of optimization, but let’s face it, this is not the case in general. There are many factors to consider when setting optimal click-rate, and only one of them is how much a potential customer is worth to you.

Our AdWords specialist will set up your campaigns, optimize your keywords and matches, finetune your budget, and most importantly block unwanted clicks to decrease costs. We know many about Ad formats, so your campaigns can reach their full potential. We build keyword optimized headlines and call-to-actions, so your ads are relevant to your target audience and content.

Content writing

Most of the businesses online outsource their content writing to content writers like us, because it’s a very time consuming task for business owners. They already have many things to deal with, and it’s difficult for them to take time from their tight schedule for something that does not pay the bills instantly.

Creative copywriting is not a pay-and-done deal, since we are not experts in everything. We will need all the possible information to develop quality content that is informative, easy to read, optimized for the Google algorithm and professionally impeccable. So it will require your help for the start, and we will do the rest.

Plus your information shared online will help you to reduce a tremendous amount of time for discussing recurring topics. It educates your readers, gets them closer to decision making and you to close the deal.

SEO Action Plan

This is a step-by-step guide containing all the required actions to take, based on your current online SEO status to reach your goal, to improve your ranking, to provide quality content, reduce advertising costs, increase visibility and brand awareness.

This plan is usually preceded by a Solo or Targeted Analysis to get a clear picture of your current situation regarding the specific goal.

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