National promotion

Staropramen 2020

National promotion of Staropramen Win for them, win for us, win for customers. Win for EVERYONE!

Staropramen promo display

2020 Staropramen promotion in Hungary with Sencor and Lamart cooperation. Lamart kitchen cookware brings you a level of quality that was previously only available in professional grade products. Today, SENCOR focuses on several trends, making it an exclusive brand on the worldwide market in consumer electronics.

We just simply organized the prizes into groups based on daily, weekly and main prizes, then used these gradient circles to increase depth in graphics. Together they are placed in the general Staropramen visual, which expresses the tradition of its brand. All 4 products are lined up next to each other in front, so they are in focus. This promotion design was applied to display stands, citylights, social media posts.

Staropramen promo poster
Staropramen promotion shelftalker

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