New Line

Borsodi Hoppy Ipa

Borsodi Hoppy & IPA floor sticker

2020: age of the new craft line of Borsodi

Two important characters were introduced in the Borsodi product portfolio this year. Borsodi Hoppy with an intense flavour of hopp bitterness, brewed for the ones who love classic taste. Borsodi IPA has arrived last in the IPA line of Hungarian breweries, but it was worth waiting.

Floor sticker and Palette cover design
Borsodi Hoppy & IPA display stand
Borsodi Hoppy & IPA hostess desk
Borsodi Hoppy & IPA bottle shaped display stand

The products that were used everywhere

The regular elements (pricesigns, tabletents, shelftalkers, fridge stickers) were utilized countrywide so the brands could reach into smaller retails as well, but by a cost-effective solution. These print elements due to their small size are easy to produce, to store and to deliver. Thanks to the merch representatives these prints were placed in a uniformed and clean way everywhere, so it delivers good message.

Borsodi Hoppy & IPA crate price sign Borsodi Hoppy & IPA shelf light Borsodi Hoppy & IPA can price sign Borsodi IPA price sign for bottleneck
Borsodi Hoppy & IPA table tent Borsodi Hoppy & IPA palet cover Borsodi Hoppy & IPA display stand

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