New refreshing taste

Borsodi Friss 2020

The Challenge

Apply the fresh brand visual of Borsodi Friss to as many POS elements as possible.Refreshing as a cold radler.

Borsodi Friss - Hostess desk

Just like every other year, in 2020 Borsodi expanded the Friss portfolio with a new flavour, but this year not only the consumers got a new beer they could enjoy on a hot summer day, but the full brand visual got a new look. This time it’s very happy and colorfull, full of fruits. The design provides many possibilities to apply, so we tried our best to find these elements.

These beers are very popular in Hungary and distributed everywhere, so to advertise and display the brand visual everywhere was a must.

From small price signs and displays to the larger beer coolers and hostess stands. Since these products were boosted everywhere from small stores and supermarkets to large hypermarkets and malls, we needed to find best tools that these locations can utilize and to maximize the countrywide advertising.

Borsodi Friss - Price sign for bottleneck
Borsodi Friss - Beer Cooler design
Borsodi Friss - Rollup design

Great Result

Despite the sales drop caused by COVID-19 these applications were successful and the design itself will remain consistent for the next year. The bad influence on sales effected the competitors too, but on the overall market these products brought great numbers this year.

Borsodi Friss - Display stand
Borsodi Friss - Beer Cooler design (can dispenser)

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