Ginger and Cherry

Borsodi Ales

2021: Year of the new tasty ALEs in Borsodi

This year Borsodi expanded the product portfolio in Craft Beers with the new Ginger ALE and Cherry ALE. These two flavours expanded the previous Borsodi IPA and Borsodi Hoppy line with almost the same packaging design. With the white background the magenta (cherry) and the golden (ginger) colors make a dinamic contrast, catchy for the eyes. Together these 4 products received a new improved visual which was applied to the regular price signs, necktags, posters, etc.

Of the HoReCa line could not fall behind with these products, so to support them we created some elements they can use. Like a double-sided coaster design for each product with an about text on the back, which is helpful to spread its the “whatabout” in the introductory phase.

Borsodi Meggy (Cherry):
great taste, better colors.

With this product Borsodi lined up in the Cherry beer line, and hopefully it will last long. With the vivid color and sweet taste this beer became one our favourites. It’s a good thing if you got an order to design for a product, but it’s much better if it is something you actually like.

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