WAI Moment – Hard Seltzer

2021 was dynamic. It was all about colors, waves, ebb and flow. And this was also the year of hard seltzers in Hungary. Thanks to Molson Coors, we were happily applying all the vivid colors and Hawaiian motifs of WAI Moment – Hard Seltzer. This alcoholic drink amplified the Molson Coors portfolio since hard seltzers are attracting more and more fans. Some reports may declare that in years this type of beverage might overcome beer concumption.

To fulfill the costumer needs Molson Coors made the best choice with WAI and its 3 flavours. Other beverage companies here were much more conservative, and they just tested the market with a solo flavour. They might not be sure about the response, since Hungarian are not really open for new products. Molson Coors was optimistic and immediately started with 3 different flavours: Minty Lime Time, Tropical Crew and Crazy Berries.

Besides the general POSM elements, some custom solutions were required like the well received sales folder with its playful shape. Or the additional installments for the hostess stand of Saint Stephen day and the rotating shelf talker.

In retail installations we designed 3 and 4 shelves display stands with double-sided convertible topper design, so store owners could simple convert the topper and show a general brand massage after the brand introductory promotions were over.

WAI display stand

The application of brand visual on various media surface was uplifting. Most elements except product packshots were vector shapes, so the creative compositing to different dimension media was quick and spectacular, like e.g. on this beachflag design.

For HoReCa (Hotel – Restaurant – Café) we designed table tents, logo lights. Due to the COVID restrictions HoReCa sector did not show its best this year, but hopefully next year will be better. It’s totally understandable since owners in this sector are on the edge these days. Hopefully in the next years we will look back at 2021 and see its negative effects fading out on the horizon.

WAI - wall logo light
Budapest History Museum Refactoring Identity